Friday, 2 March 2012

Free Official Scenarios for USE ME Sci Fi

After receiving numerous requests from players, Gavin Syme has authored a series of free scenarios for the USE ME Sci Fi game! He developed a generic background setting called Terminus - take a look at it here. The first scenario, Planetfall, is now available on the Barking Irons website.

USE ME is a great little game, and I'm happy to see it receive this type of "after-sale" support.  Too often are we presented with great rules systems for our 15mm games, only to be left to our own devices as far as coming up with scenarios.  There's only so many times you can play "assassinate the enemy leader," "reduce the opposing army to 50% strength," "rescue tihs pilot," and "capture/destroy this critical objective."

Keep an eye on Barking Irons for more scenarios in the Terminus setting.  I'll run Planetfall this weekend and report on the outcome.



  1. Great to see this sort of thing, very inspiring.

  2. Thanks for posting this Chris.

    The Terminus scenarios are very much 'micro-scenarios' but each is different, each is challenging and each can be played solo. As always I am open to suggestions for material that you 15mm sci-fi wargamers want to see from Drop me a line.


  3. Hello Everyone on DSH!

    I hope the last week brought you a lot of gaming fun. Terminus scenario one has been read five hundred times and email to has all been positive; thanks!

    An update for you. More USE ME scenarios for Terminus are now up on Barking Irons for you to read and play, so check them out. Here is a direct link (paste and follow):

    I am considering all the suggestions that have been made to me for more Terminus and also other scenarios, more on my blog once I have come to a decision.