Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Department at Salute

We heard from Joe recently and he had this to say.

Hi Dropship Crew,

The Department: Noir Investigation Skirmish is going to be released to the general public at Salute 2012 (21st April 2012) .
We’ll be releasing the PDF book through our normal PDF distribution channels on the 21st. The printed books will be available at our stand at Salute (feel free to come and say hello). The PDF book will retail for $11.99 which includes the color and printer friendly versions.
In addition to the print and PDF products, Effigy Miniatures ( will be releasing a line of official 15mm figures for the game. We will soon be releasing a Kindle version of the book as well as a Kindle ebook that contains all Kieran Mathers’ fiction from the book as well as several bonus vignettes. These books will be provided for free to Kickstarter backers, and will be sold on the Amazon store to the general public.
You can take a look at our Kickstarter page here. 

This sounds like some exciting news and a great opportunity to check out this example of Kickstarter in action and a great looking game. so, if you happen to be at Salute, why not wander by and check out Joe's work.



  1. Ooooo this looks like it going to be a blast and also makes me want to start painting my sci-fi planetary police force.

  2. Great to see this project reach completion!
    (However It's such a shame you can't use kickstarter if you aren't a US resident/citizen.)

    1. are you sure? I'm based in the UK and backed the project on kickstarter with no issues.

    2. I meant create a project, backing is fine for the rest of the world. I was looking into doing a kickstarter for a print run and hit the US only roadblock. (Im Australian, living in the UK)

  3. I'm really looking forward to these rules (based on the popular Goal System) and the line of noir 15mm sci fi figures!

  4. I've been reading the pdf the last two evenings after recieving it on friday, its a really well thought through game, the character creation section is speaking my language, and the bits in between the game are going to give this game flavour in a campaign situation.

    I'm going to have to make buying/painting the minis for this game a priority to start getting some demonstration games in my local area to spread the word, so to speak.

    Anyone know af any Sci-Fi-Noir looking minis? ive found a couple of humanoid robots, and a few guys in long coats, but any more would be great!