Thursday, 19 April 2012

New 15mm Scifi Structures From Ambush Alley and GameCraft Miniatures

Picture of Garage/Shop Module

Just released, a partnership between GameCraft Miniatures and Ambush Alley Games has produced a set of laser-cut, MDF, science fiction colony buildings. They come in a number of styles from small garage type structures, as pictured above, to large, stackable residential habitat blocks (below). They have even released some cool first generation colony shelters that look as if they were built using hull panels from the ship that brought them there(bottom).

Picture of Residence Maxi-Modules

All of the buildings are constructed with a fantastic accuracy and though I have not handled one personally, my experience with GameCraft's Old West buildings tells me that these will be easy to collect and build by the ton. The smaller habitats have the option to be built with the etched details or you can purchase detail bits that add extra relief details to the structures as portrayed in the top image.

Picture of Human Refugee Hut

I cannot wait to purchase some of these to fill out my scifi terrain and I am hoping that the larger structures will get some detailing kits as well.



  1. I purchased some of the smaller buildings this morning! They look awesome.

  2. By the time tbis was put out they had also been released in 28mm and two sizes of lamding platforms have been released.


  3. Nice! These are definitely going on my "let's abuse the debit card" list.

  4. Hah! My paypal balance will be getting dinged for a good bit of these. I picked up GCM's 15mm steel girder bridge and a couple of bridge approaches to use as high ground and objectives.

    These buildings will be great for my nascent arid landscape board.