Monday, 25 June 2012

Critical Mass Mid-Summer Madness Sale, Cultists and Arid World Warriors

The Critical Mass boys have suffered from some moulds going adrift in the post. This is a double shame as 1) the moulds were for the Mercenary Mecha and 2) they came from the Forge Hall of John Bear Ross.

While efforts are being made to sort out this SNAFU, Critical Mass Games is pressing ahead with a Mid-Summer Madness Sale – 20% off everything from now until 22 July 2012. Along with this good news, comes the announcement that the Tamaska/Fenrir Heavy Walker is now available again, in a slightly remodelled form, to support the Protolene Khanate forces.

The Tamaska/Fenrir Heavy Walker has been remodelled from this example

Meanwhile, over at, a Cultist Command group is now available – either as a set or as individual figures – to provide some organisational oomph to your Gas lit Followers of the Elder Ones, Post-Apocalypse Survivalists or Science Fiction Spiritual Warriors.

Cult Command
Also new out from, either as a pack of ten or individually, are the Arid World Warriors. Wearing robes and with their faces concealed by a wrap of their turbans, these figures could serve as desert allies or enemies from contemporary times on into the far future.

Arid World Warriors

As usual, I have re-purposed images from the websites of Critical Mass Games and to illustrate this news item. Go visit their websites if you like what you see.

 - David

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