Tuesday 5 June 2012

Another Sale, some Mercenary Armour, and some Elder Things

Another Sale - this time from RAFM

15mm Insolani from RAFM

In a thread on TMP, Chief Lackey Rich pointed out that RAFM have just announced a 25% off sale.

Initially I wasn't able to find anything about this sale on the RAFM website and was wondering if I had misread Rich's post, until I realised that I needed to refresh my favourites list. That done, all was revealed on the RAFM homepage.

Now, I’ve already got sufficient Wolf Hounds of Sirius and Car Leonis Warriors, but I am certainly thinking seriously about the alien Insolani, and the Imp Armoured Car looks pretty tempting as well. Sale ends June 15th 2012.

Critical Mass Mercenary Armour

The photo tags pretty much say it all
- more excellent work from Critical Mass Games 
Over on the Critical Mass Games Website, I see that CMG has released the next group of vehicles for the Mercenaries Range – the Bastion IFV and the Havoc Tank. These are available in either tracked or grav configurations and look very nice, workman-like vehicles. Dale has worked his resin magic again – as can be seen in the photo to right - producing a downed Prasentia Guardian drone as an objective marker.

And if you happen to be in the St Helens area, just out of Liverpool, England, on Saturday 16 June, you should check out the Phalanx 2012 show hosted by the St Helen’s and Ashton Wargames Society. Critical Mass Games have been confirmed as attending, and also on the card are Ainsty Castings, Fighting 15’s, Irregular Miniatures, and Pendraken, as well as S & A Scenics, amongst many others.

Elder Things

Elder Things from Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine
Finally, a couple of weeks ago a gentleman, using the handle Roebeast, posted on The Miniatures Page that he had just released the next items in his growing line of 15mm Cthulu mythos-inspired miniatures. I liked the look of the Elder Things, so I ordered a couple of packs from Roebeast’s Magical House of Sunshine. Roebeast’s customer service is excellent – I was informed when my order was being filled and when it had been dispatched – and delivery was very prompt.

The Elder Things are lovely models, standing 22 – 25mm tall. Assembly was relatively straight forward; though I’m glad I read Roebeast’s Elder Thing assembly instructions first. By bending the limb-flipper-things prior to sticking them onto the torso, I was able to get a nice, individualist feel to each of the models.

I’m not a huge Cthulu fan, but I really like these alien aliens – I’m thinking of using them as a methane-breathing race in my Traveller campaign – and I see today that Elder Things with Disruptor weapons will be available soon. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these (probably at the risk of my SAN).

- David

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