Tuesday 13 November 2012

15mm.Co.Uk expand Rim Mercenaries range

For some time now, this pack of Rim Mercenaries had been sitting quietly in the HOF Humanity section at 15mm.Co.Uk.

It's a nice little pack of figures, but it never did receive much buzz. I'm sure that many folks just weren't quite sure what to do with these. I actually split up my pack, using the left and right poses with GZG Ravagers and assigning the middle pose to the unrelated HOF Post Apocalyptic Warriors pack.

I'm happy to report that the Rim Mercenaries have now been expanded into a proper faction. 15mm.Co.Uk has released two more packs - Rim Mercenary Patrol and the Rim Mercenary Support.

The Support pack includes ten figures from these heavy weapon poses:

While the Patrol pack features ten figures selected from Officer, Sniper, and Spotter poses: 

And if the figure counts/pack sizes don't work for you - all Rim Merc poses are available as single castings.

I really like the direction being taken by this range - it has become a great assortment of rag-tag fighters. They are ideal to use as near-future guerillas or insurgent fighters, or a force slapped together to enforce the will of a petty dictator. The officer would be a great dictator figure, either in a future third-world Earth nation or on some backwater colony world. 



  1. The Rim Mercenaries range are also great for use as post-apocalyptic Badlanders/Gangers. Look for them to show up in that capacity in future posts on Terra Burning


  2. Liking them a lot. Think I will use them as characters for specific scenarios!

  3. Very nice look miniatures as you say very useful for all sorts of.

  4. Hello DSH Blog!

    Thanks for the kind words. Chris has put his finger right on the concept for the Rim Mercs. Humans you can use all over the place for many things.

    You can get 10% off the original pack right now on 15mm.co.uk plus if you head on over to Barking Irons Online there is a short article by me about these new miniatures to read ( http://www.barkingirons.co.uk/j/news-and-tattle/42-use-me/449-rim-mercenaries-for-15mm-sci-fi-gaming ).

    Plus they are great for the new Terra Burning setting as Maj Disaster says.


  5. Nice figures, but they need more rank and file footsoldiers.
    Let's hope they will keep expanding the range.