Wednesday 7 November 2012

New Kickstarter From Armies Army

15mm science fiction entrepreneur, gamer and personal friend Kieth Armstrong, of Armies Army has kicked off his new Kickstarter campaign.

This campaign is designed to provide a push to his next release, the Greater Britannia Commonwealth Forces. Representing UK forces in the near future, contemporary to his original RUSKS (near-future Russians), they have a gritty, real world +20 years feel to them that will make them an honest and perfect addition to anyone playing hard science fiction miniatures games.

As with many Kickstarters, this one offers a number of Stretch Goals, including basic infantry in alternate headgear, command, support, even commandos. These Stretch Goals will be made available to backers at certain levels and as add-ons.

Head on over and check it out and lend Keith your support and do yourselves all a favour in helping to get these awesome miniatures onto the table.




  1. I could not of put it better myself:)

    I really appreciate both yours and dropships support! Its always my first call of port every morning!

  2. That's me signed up!

  3. . . . and that's a successful kickstarter! Nice one