Thursday 11 December 2014

Dropship? Dropship!

From: TMP

Mad Mecha Guy shows off something I'm pretty sure I need.

Now for something Really BIG……

'NeNow' Hercules Drop-Shuttle.

Is based on the foam card Hercules shuttle design by Neil Nowatzki []

After being provided with plans I have redone the design for 2mm MDF.

60L x 40W x 15cm High
Pod: 34L x 15W x 7.5cmH, Bay Doors 6x6cm.

To make the Pod Doors operable, will need small RC plastic hinges & some 2D x 1mmH round magnets.

I am doing a Vehicle pod design with two 12cm doors on each side, will sell both as a whole kit & a separate interchangeable pod.

Price: £40.00GBP (takes several sheets).

UPDATE: Allowing for box & bubblewrap one would weight 1.6kGs so postage: £19.00 GBP. 
Can sent two (approx 3kGs) for £19.50 GBP or three for £23.05 GBP (go on you know you need 3!).

It is ready now, have modified the design slightly in adding a etched hatch on both side of hull near cockpit.



Should I rename it the Canada Class?


  1. Now this is more useful than Khurasan's Alien Maneuver Element, and even with international shipping, it's cheaper!

  2. MMG is a great chap. I met him at Salute this year and he deserves your support if you like his work. He is pushing the limits with this kit and it looks great. As Maj says its a good deal.


  3. "You said 'dropship' twice."
    "I like dropships."

    A very nice piece, though I do wonder how people game with units this size. Are they basically terrain?

  4. Either it can easily be used for terrain or a game objective...

  5. Oh yes please......
    If It's Canadian .. does anyone make a 15mm moose.

  6. Just to clarify, I think MMG quoted that postage rate for shipping to the US. Postage to the UK or Europe should be cheaper.

  7. postage was USA rate. for moment Royal mail have reduced postage upto 2kGs, so UK postage £2.80 RM 2nd class (for now)

    Have done version for 28mm - is same design and size but larger hatches & slightly larger windows.

    Have done vehicle pod , has 2 larger doors on each side of pod.

    It is available to purchase, have not updated site just yet.