Wednesday 10 December 2014

Khurasan Miniatures -- complete remake of 15mm Garn reptilian range released!

From: TMP

We're very pleased to announce that we have completely redone our range of 15mm Garn reptilian aliens.

These hulking tyrannosauroid carnivores are sculpted larger so as to have a more appropriately menacing presence on your tabletop, more poses have been made available, and the sets are in more rational allocations.

The new sets are:

Garn warriors with the basic infantry arm, the 20mm assault cannon -- a set of six in six poses (yes, only five are shown -- the sixth pose is in the comparison picture below):

Garn warriors with heavy weapons -- a set of four in four poses (laser cannon, missile launcher, flamethrower and plasma gun):

Garn unit command -- a set of five in three poses (two commanders, two comms specialists, and a single casualty):

Garn Flesheater giant heroes -- these chaps are huge! (one pose with a flamethrower I would not want fired at me at all, and another with a plasma cannon, and we do mean cannon):

Garn hegemon, the aristocratic clan within Garn society (this model is basically the player):

Here's a comparison showing the size of the models against each other and against a human infantryman. Left to right, a Flesheater, the Hegemon, a warrior (the sixth pose not shown in the image above) and a human infantryman.

The Garn are versatile SF models as not only can they be used as towering alien Reptilians in 15mm, but also as human-sized aliens in 20mm gaming as well. And dare we say that the Flesheaters could be used in 28mm gaming? (They are in fact 28mm tall.) Even the rank and file warriors could be useful in 28mm gaming as "The Race" or other smaller reptilians in popular books.

The rapacious, cunning Garn have conquered other predatory sentient races and a selection of these will be released shortly. In fact, their most common slave-warrior race has already been available for some time -- the Felids.

The new Garn are available now, at the link below.

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  1. I like these new ones but the old ones were good too in my opinion!