Wednesday 6 May 2015

Loud Ninja Games - Yan'drassi Released

It is with great excitement that I am happy to announce the release of our Yan'drassi miniatures. 

This range was created through a successful Kickstarter project that not only achieved its goal but managed to squeeze out a couple of extras along the way, and if that wasn't cool enough, it shipped really quick. While most of the credit for making this happen goes to the backers on Kickstarter, I have to give equal credit to the sculptor, Sean Bullough, and Gavin Syme and crew at for their  excellent artistic and technical work - both fast and proficient.

So who are these awesome aliens?

The Yan'drassi are collective of worlds all governed by the enigmatic and seldom (if ever) seen Yan. Each client race does its part to support the greater good of the Yan'drassi. Some do this through industrial, economic, or agricultural means while others have nothing but their own citizens to offer. These worlds with nothing of great value other then their people are those that make up the fighting arm of the Yan'drassi. The most commonly encountered species within the military orders are the Neeks, Tavshar, and Horgosi.


Neeks are a diminutive planet-bound species of humanoids who were saved from catastrophic overpopulation by the Yan'drassi. They send countless numbers of their people into the stars to fight for the Yan'drassi. Being very simple creatures, they are the lowest rung of the military order providing ample cannon fodder. 


Tavshar are a warrior race who, while possessed of interstellar travel and their own collection of conquered worlds, recognized a greater opportunity for proving themselves in combat by joining the Yan'drassi military order. They are artful, martial, and precise providing the military orders with a core of elite soldiers and leaders for less capable troops like the Neeks.


Horgosi hail from a rugged world where they exist in a pre-stellar herd culture. Horgosi males prove themselves through duels and physical feats. Joining the Yan'drassi military order saved them from being used as labor and provided them with new ways to prove themselves. They are mostly used as assault troops.


The Yan'drassi mlitary order also includes several sorts of leaders. Often these are just senior Tavshar weilding plasma staffs that function both as ranged weapons and energized melee weapons. They also work to give a nice zap to unruly Neeks. Horgosi will not be led by regular Tavshar leaders and usually follow their own. The exception to this would be the Tavshar Primes which are elite veterans of considerable skill, power, and repute. The Horgosi also have their own Primes.




The Yan'drassi military order has many weapons at its disposal for the support of its troops. This release reveal two of these in the form of the Tavshar Gun Skimmer and the Horgosi Berserker. The gun skimmer allows a single Tavshar to fly about the battlefield bringing the firepower of two plasma guns and a pair of splinter guns to the enemy. Operated in squadron, they are lethal light air support. If needed, their riders can dismount to fight in close combat with plasma pistols.

The Berserker is a dishonored Horgosi made pariah to his people by murdering an opponent in a duel. While brutal to other forms of life, the Horgoi respect their own kind and nowhere else is this displayed more than in their duels for honor and supremacy. Those Horgosi who break this sacred taboo have their horn removed as a show of disgrace and live a marginalized existence on the fringes of their society. The Yan'drassi have turned these outcasts into weapons.

Giving them powered harnesses and with integral force field generators, kinetic force gauntlets and built-in splinter guns, they are charges at the enemy, rending anything unfortunate to get in their way to scraps. If killed, the  Berserker's harness overloads and detonates in a powerful ball of plasma energy.

All of these figures are available as separate packs and in unit packs at our store on the webiste. For more information on the packs and offers go - HERE 


  1. Really nice work, Eli. Glad to seeing you pushing putty around for us to enjoy.

  2. Thanks Jay!

    To be fair, these aren't my sculpts. The artist is Sean Bullough. I came up with the concepts, did the initial sketches and provided general art direction through the project. Sean worked from the finished art done by Todd Ulrich, an excellent concept artist.

    Wow, look at mea, sounds like a real operation :)


    1. Well, it was conceived in a room in your brain, and the product has been excellently choreographed throughout. From now forward, you are known to me as the Operator!