Wednesday 16 September 2015

White Dragon Miniatures kickstarter update: Fiddler and Talos.

Soon, very soon!

'Allo, 'allo chaps!

We can finally show off the 3D Prints for the Talos and the Fiddler. The pictures speak for themselves so we'll say no more! Now only the alternative weapons for the Fiddler remain to be printed.

The Fiddler Mech

The Fiddler Mech

Talos Exo-SuitsTalos Exo-Suits

Casting for the rest of the items is still on-going so we expect to begin shipping relatively soon as all of the miniatures are now in production. We're now just playing the waiting game as boxes of miniatures begin to pour in from the talented casters at Prodos.

So ever onwards towards the final closure of this kickstarter! They'll be in your hands very soon! ;) As always, thank you from both of us here at WDM!

Alan & Mark


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    1. I've got a few of those coming myself. Apparently they're a hefty 20-22mm tall!