Friday 11 September 2015

From Darkest Star Games - New Grav Vehicles Released

It's New Release time! Yaaaaay! It's taken quite a while to get these 15mm scale beasts from the depths of computer land to the gaming table, but here they are!

First off, The Federation Drop Troops get their long awaited LODAV GMBT, the Tiger:

Being just slightly short than the Puma LODAV GAPC that it is designed to support in planetary assaults, the Tiger is an imposing sight on the battlefield. That plasma canon is HUGE, guaranteed to melt whatever it is aimed at on the very first shot!

Not to be outdone, the Venturians are also deploying their own LODAV GMBT to combat zones, the Zirhan!

That is a whoooole lot of orbital dropped, accelerated particle spitting destruction right there! Do NOT be in front of that thing when it fires off.

Despite their technological superiority, the Federation and the Venturians aren't the only forces equipped with advanced weapons, and willing to use them. In fact, new intelligence reports state that there's a Canine related race out there that has begun to stir trouble, and they've deployed the Garshaw GMBT and Paghgaw GIFV:

This new adversary does not use their grav vehicles in the standard fast assault sort of doctrine, instead they seem to operate very low to the ground, using cover and concealment to hunt down and surprise their enemy. Lurking behind obstructions they deploy small drones from cradles at the fore of the Commanders cupola to observe, track and lock their intended targets before popping up to blast them, then drop back into cover to displace to a new position or make their escape.

The Garshaw class GMBT has even been seen sporting several different types of armament.

All 4 of these new grav vehicles will be released in the next few days. Stay Tuned!

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