Saturday 28 November 2015

Flaytrap Factory presents Brotherhood of the Fly on YouTube

Hey all,

Since October there has been a new YouTube program put up by Flytrap Trap Factory called "The Brotherhood of the Fly". While not exclusively devoted to 15mm science fiction, this program, hosted by Flytrap Factory's Anton Ducrot, Zombiesmith's Josh Qualtieri, and Jonothan Boen of BoenArrow Sculpture Studio.

The trio of hosts put together a regular 90 minute videocast where they discuss the industry, their craft, their products and all things miniatures. Along the way they have guests from the industry. So far this has included Harold Crossley of ClearHorizon Miniatures and digital sculptor John Bear Ross. Future plans include Arthur Braun of Skullduggery Press as well as myself, Eli Arndt of Loud Ninja Games. Plans exist to continue hosting other smaller independent manufacturers from all ends of the miniatures business and craft.

Here are the episodes that directly address our corner of the hobby.

"The Brotherhood of the Fly" Episode Two... Zombiesmith / Clearhorizon Special!

"The Brotherhood of the Fly" Episode Three... John Bear Ross!

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