Monday 23 November 2015

Black Friday Sale from

Four Day Black Friday Weekend at Alternative Armies, and The Ion Age from this Friday 27th . Free Worldwide Shipping, Deals and Offers, Free Items and more. Plus email combine orders option. So if you are into 28mm or 15mm or 6mm. Science Fiction, Fantasy or Historical. Terrain or Buildings, Vehicles or Rule Books, Bases or Dice or anything else of our thousands of different codes and miniatures this is the weekend for you! Click through to read more and look out for the annoucement on Friday! Thanks for your support from all of us here across the brands. 


This is a great chance to grab a bunch of stuff from these guys, especially if you play across their scales and not just in 15mm. My stuff from LNG will also be there, including some new releases (TBA)...

RAP028 Terraclopes (1 Wasteland Monster)
RAP029 Wasteland Buddies (1 Wasteland Character)


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