Thursday 7 July 2016

The Ion Age - War Mecha of Prydia – The Afara Strider

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There is an amazing new development in The Ion Age. I have to admit I would have never seen this coming, but the addition of giant stompy robots is by no means an unwelcome twist. I've long been a fan of mecha and other robot machines and these new machines from The Ion Age fit into the universe while indulging that mecha itch.

Reach more below to get the official introduction to these new mechanical monsters.


“During his work on the Taranis main battle tank hulls chief engineer and guild master Ulus McTear allied himself with an up and coming younger woman who had come to work at the Targa work complexes on New Glastonbury. Sally Bragan perfected the technology that would become known as the Bragan Memetic Neural Linkage system and this gained her entry into the same guild as McTear. While arguing over the finer installation diagrams for the Bragan system, Ulus McTear had an idea that would give the armies of Prydia two new classes of war machine; the War Mecha and the Striders. The ancient files from the Resource Wars of old Earth made mention of vehicles that walked on two legs and carried the fire power of the largest ground travelling war machines. The GroatVey MkX HeavyIon Reasc Fusion Reactor had the power needed for a body frame some twenty to twenty five feet in height and by coupling them in pairs the reactors could also motivate a body frame over one hundred feet tall. Revan Koore had perfected a gyroscope which would give balance and with Bragan's, linkage a pilot would be able to make his or her giant body respond to thought and become an extension of their own selves. It took all the resources that the Targa works could provide and more than a year when with great fanfare the first Afara type Strider walked out of the fabricator yard on its own feet.

The Afara comes in three primary variants and these are the 26WA which has a centrally mounted Hermit 50mm Auto-Grenade Launcher as well as a Valerin 15Mw Laser Cannon on its arm while its other arm has a gauntlet for close combat and more delicate work. The 26WB which has a Anda 60mm Missile Pod and an Angis 25mm AP Cannon and the 26WC boasts a 'Bladesman' load out with an Anda 60mm Missile Pod plus an Octa Powered Sword and a Shield. The Strider has a similarity to the Duxis Battlesuit in its form it and it is a match for any light vehicle such as an Adder Combat Car and also some medium vehicles. Since 4308 IC the Alfara has been in use by the Prydian Army and also the rebel leagues. Refer to other Auto-Trainer data swipes for additional technical and specialised information. Restrictions for placement of pilots and training remain in effect as per Royal Decree in 4330 IC.”

Academy Auto-Trainer Series 58, New Glastonbury, 4334 IC 

If you enjoyed the image at the top of this post please click on the one above for it full size so you can read all of the text. Excellent! This page fits in neatly with the Diagram Series pages for the Taranis super heavy main battle tanks which are to be found in the new Callsign Taranis expansion for Patrol Angis. You can find the game rules and statistics for the Afara in the Callsign Taranis book.

The Ion Age will enter the realm of mecha on Friday 8th of July with offers on the fantastic Afara Strider! Yes. The concept art in this article is a real 15mm scale model which will be on our website then with some great early supporter offers lasting a couple of weeks before global shipping on all orders containing them. For just now we wanted to show you the design and to tell you that it is coming real soon. Three variants and produced in high quality grey tone resin just like our other 15mm vehicles which you can see for the Prydian PrecinctHERE.

We hope you like our first mecha designed by Sam Croes. I know I do!

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