Sunday, 8 November 2009 Starfighter Crew - Singles Now Available


HOF57 Starfighter Crew from is now available as single castings, one 15mm figure for £0.35. The four poses from this pack code are:

  1. HOF57A Human Starfighter pilot in pressure suit helmet under arm

  2. HOF57B Human Starfighter co-pilot in pressure suit helmet on

  3. HOF57C Human Mechanic kneeling with fuel hose

  4. HOF57D Starship Servo Droid with repair tools and laser on three mini tracks.

HOF57 Starfighter Crew is still available as a 10 figure pack for £3.50.

The miniatures in the image are shown based on 20mm round plastic bases which can also be purchased from code LBA5 – 80 Bases for £3.50.

I'm glad have chosen to start releasing more HOF Sci Fi as individuals. In the case of HOF57 there are some really nice looking figures, but I can't quite justify an entire pack.

These miniatures will be great as star fighter or dropship crew awaiting a search and rescue mission, POWs or starship crew hostages to be released with extreme prejudice, Grav Tank crew and maintenace personnel, RPG player characaers or simply, by-standers (blaster magnets) in Docking Bay 94.

For more information go to: WWW.15MM.CO.UK





  1. How do you approach painting in 15mm? Do you use different techniques than that of larger scales?

  2. Hi Dave

    The figs above were painted by Leutnant Brittan for My own painting style has evolved over the last year as I've experimented with the Sci Fi miniatures that have come on the market. It's now very different to how I paint 28's.

    The key for me is the '4 foot paint job' - Will I see that extra layer of paint from normal viewing distance? - if no, I no longer bother.

    What it means in practice is undercoat/wash/drybrush/detail.

    The wash usually acts as shadows and if using camo patterns, I will leave the pattern off knees, elbows & creases to create an automatic highlight, unless it is a light accent colour.

    That's it in brief.