Sunday, 15 November 2009

GZG 15mm New Crusties!

There are two new packs of Crusties from Jon at GZG! If you thought the original pack of Crusties was good - you are in for a surprise! These are GREAT miniatures!

GZG 15mm Sci Fi "Crusties"
Specialists - Officer, 2x Plasma gunners, Sniper

I'm delighted to preview these new packs of 15mm Crusties on Dropship Horizon! The poses are superb, seriously superb and far better than I've been able to capture with the camera. The detail is excellent but most of all, they have the distinct appearance and feel of alien combat troops. In the right combination, the figures from the Specialists pack above, look for all intents and purposes like an alien SWAT team!

GZG 15mm Sci Fi "Crusties" Rifle Pack 2

Once again with this 'Rifles' pack, the poses are very good. Overall. the poses and design of the Crusties match the recently resculpted New Israeli's 'realistic' style of posing.

17mm hoof to eye level, 20mm overall height

Like the original releases, these are larger than standard 15mm Terran troops. The 'officer' figure stands 19mm hoof to eye and 21-22mm overall, whihc helps excentuate their alienness. The other figures vary in height according to their pose.

These Crusties are miniatures suitable for a new decade of the C21st. GZG have drawn a new line in the sand with both the Crusties and last month's New Israeli releases!

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  1. Those look really great!

    I like the action poses, especially the ones of the figs holding their weapons as if sighting and firing them. The one leaning forward as if getting ready to advance is very nice too.

    About the only one missing is the bag-pipe looking weapon from the movie, e.g. an ovalish weapon with multiple rods sticking out of it.

    Can't wait 'til they are released.


  2. And Civvies,

    We need not-prawns to herd in shanties for these armed ones to rescue...

  3. ...and ones in Battle Suits/Body Armour to go up against the human troops.

    See here for an image of what those might look like:

  4. OK - I'm sold on these figures - but want to take them beyond a District 9 pwawn hunt into the realms of a regular alien army. What vehicles would best match these figures alieness? I was thinking the GZG's Kra'Vak stuff or possibly their Palidin or Phalanx vehicles. Any thoughts?


  5. I had a thought about the Kra'Vak vehicles as well. Either that or some of th cleaner high tech grav vehicles, depending on the direction you wanted to go. Their vehicles seemed prety straight forward from the limited examples in the movie.


  6. OK OK. These figure are really damn good. But do I detect a certain Pro Prawn sentiment developing here?

    I want to be clear on this one.

    Vargr can be our loyal allies. Mostly. Aslan we respect.

    Prawns exist to be stir fried.

  7. I'm of the Kra'vak frame of mind. Alien Squad Leader ALIEN IMPERIAL STRIKE FORCE. Done!


  8. I imagine, based upon their weaponry, that humans will be more likely to be fried than Prawns, in any encounter.

    Any creature that can leap tall buildings, create that kind of weaponry, and travel interstellar distances has a leg or two up (literally and figuratively) on the current human race.

    Say 50% - 100% greater movement rates. Weaponry that appears to be at least twice as effective as our little hand-held models, etc.

  9. Bugs Abound! Can we have a isze comparison between the GZG & Khurasan figures?

    If you have it, the 28mm arachnid by the latter just cries biotank to me