Sunday, 29 November 2009

Rebel Minis - 15mm Titan Marines

In the past elite Marines were chosen
from Earth Force ranks and sent to
Firebase Kraken, a training facility
built within the ice-core of Titan.

Mike at Rebel Minis has released RMTM1 Titan Marines. These represent elite Earth Force troopers trained on Saturn's Moon, Titan. Each pack contains 22 figures in 5 unique sculpts for $10.95.

Rebel Minis 15mm Sci Fi
RMTM1 Titan Marines

Now these Titan Marines are something different! I see some kind of Dune'esque desert trooper, post-apocalyptic or even ice warrior applications for them

For more detail, take a look at my previous preview of them in August:
(click here)

Available now from:



  1. I love them, i havent bought anything from rebel but i think its going to change !

    They are almost what i am looking for:


  2. Those would make some great imperial-style troopers. Not to mention they would be a breeze to paint. Very nice.

  3. I would prefer them more Stahlhelmetish but they are nice as are now

    Can we see some comparision photo - especialy with GZG NI and Khourasan Cats ?

  4. Nice... These look like potential companion pieces for Eureka's German Sci-Fi troopers. How do they compare, size-wise?

  5. These are great sculpts. I'm tempted to buy a pack just to try several different washes on them and see what looks best. Even in white as a sort of snowtrooper, I think these would be fun to use on the tabletop.

  6. Only a slight bummer that these weren't out a month ago, before I started head-swapping Scourge heads.

    One pack will provide all the Coalition officers and specialists that I'll ever need at least.

  7. Anyone have phhoto of all 5 poses ?
    Side by side ? Any command/heavy troopers ?


  8. I agree that these may work well with my Eureka SciFi Germans depending on the size. I think a few specialist and or heavy weapons would make these really great.


  9. Nice minis. I presume those Elite Earth marines were all innocent volunteer. Nothing to do with gosspis of commited crimes and offences... :D

  10. Rebel minis have been a bit closer size wise to the Eureka Germans. I think the titans also have an oriental feel personally. Nice.