Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Rebel Minis - 15mm Nazi Zombies Closeup

As promised, more close up WIP pics this evening of Rebel Minis new RMNZ1 Zombie Nazis! I have two packs of these on the way from Mike to take on my Götterdämmerung Soviets.

We are having a bit of a renaissance with Arty Conliffe's superb Crossfire WW2 rules, so I'm hoping to use them with a few suitable house rules for Götterdämmerung.



  1. I have always wondered why German zombies are always wearing perfectly good field gear. As pressed for material, why don't they strip them of all the usable item first.

    Another thing is, why are they always using soldiers.


  2. Great stuff will you publish or make available the modified Crossfire rules ?????