Sunday, 15 November 2009

GZG 15mm Character Heads

Jon at GZG has earned a BIG cigar for listening to my rant about the need for 15mm character heads just over a week ago here on Dropship Horizon.

I was absolutely gobsmacked when these unexpectedly dropped through the letterbox today. We'd chatted about the possibility and various head/sprue options last weekend. I hadn't expected anything before the new year!

What we have here in this release is a sprue of true character heads. These heads will allow you to personalise your WW2, Pulp, Modern and Sci Fi figures for 1-2-1 character skirmish games, RPGs, guncrawls etc with unique miniatures. There's a head compin on a cigar, snarling with crew cut, a Mohican and bandana. C'mon! You've got to have a least one SAW or Plasma gunner wearing a bandana on your guncrawl!

I felt the head chompin on cigar deserved to be seen in more detail. This serving USMC Colonel is a dead ringer for Sergeant Major Avery Johnson (HALO), and as you can see one of Jon's new 15mm character heads has caught the expression perfectly!

These character heads will not only personalise and breathe life into your 15mm figures. They will both create greater variation amongst the miniatures of your military units and extend the use of existing GZG or similar 'character' packs through a simple headswop, giving you distinctly different figures.

Thanks Jon!

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  1. Those are amazing. I was just about to try and sculpt a bald headed head for a squad leader. Now I don't have to. I can't wait to get some of these