Friday, 6 November 2009

Latest Intel......Out of Production & Withdrawn Sci Fi Lines

A quick heads up to let you know that Peter Pig's Sci Fi range is being withdrawn shortly. I recommend that if there's anything you always wanted from this small and unique range, to buy it NOW!

My own peronal favourite is the BOMAG Dropship. It's ugly and utilitarian but a cheap and versatile orbital taxi for your tabletop.

Mike at the The Scene UK has let me know that he has regretably withdrawn his Sci Fi range from sale for the time being. This is due to possible IP issues raised by a certain large games company.



  1. Well if a certain large games company bothered to make their figures in 15mm then there wouldn't be a problem would there!

  2. Sad to hear that Peter Pig are bowing out. I really liked their Japanese looking troops which form the basis of my IJKP (Imperal Japanese Kombat Patrol) force coupled with some magnificient Old Crow 8-Rad armoured cars.


  3. Palladium finally get their knickers twisted about the not-SAMAS and not-Sky Cycles?

    I didn't think there were many of the GW knock-offs left in stock...

  4. I own three of the BOMAG dropships, should get a few more with this news. They are really the best fit I have found for a transport for my horde of zombiesmith space aphids. They match up almost perfectly in terms of style.