Monday, 9 November 2009

Quick Parasachnid Conversion

This is a great mini-diorama, it's a shame Jon doesn't sell a resin landscaped base as an extra for the drop-pod.

Despite the fact it would reduce the versatility of the drop-pod, I'm certainly tempted to make up 3-4 mini dioramas like this for my tabletop.

Whilst on the subject of Parasachnids - these little beauties come in two parts - body and legs, all 4 being cast in one-piece. The body has a ball joint that allows a small degree of variation when mounting on the legs - so your Parasachnids aren't regimented.

Now, the four legs basic Parasachnid is fine, but you know, it doesn't scare me! So messing around with the pack, I mounted one set of legs ontop of the other, popped the body on top and voila! "Uhh, actually, it's kind of like champagne that way"..... the 'spider' Parasachnid!

Eight legs and tons of teeth!



  1. I love the drop pod diorama.

    The color of the ground is superb!