Thursday, 5 November 2009

Corporate Marine Conversion

I asked myself a what Khurasan Miniatures' Corporate Marines would look like with different helmets - and here's my first attempt, using a full face helmet from Rebel Miniatures' Infiltrator pack.

The Corporate Marine's head came off with a twist and the neck just needed a quick scrape with the knife to flatten out. The Rebel Infiltrator needed two knife cuts and then came off quickly and simply. Reckon I could have half a dozen done and prepped, in about 5 minutes.

For the photos I've just used Blutack, but when I repeat the process for real, I'll use the method outlined in this previous post on 26th April (click here).

The difference is outstanding! But that is of course just my opinion. The imporvement was helped by angling the helmet so that the trooper's line of sight is along the barrel rather than head up, straight ahead, and suddenly a pedestrian pose has action and sense of urgency about it.

Jon has mentioned having new helmets put on the dollies. Go for it!

Mike, please do a sprue of separate Infiltrator heads!


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