Monday, 23 November 2009

Too Fat Lardies - Xmas Special 2009

Twice a year since 2004 something special happens in the world of wargaming - Rich and Rob over at TooFatLardies produce their Summer and Christmas Specials!

Published in June and December each 'Special' is packed to the gunnels with fun articles and scenarios to support the range of Lardy rules. These 'Specials' also generally include at least one complete rule supplement for a specific period covered by Lardy rules, or even complete new rule sets.

Whether you use TFL rules or not, these 'Specials' are the best reads in wargaming! If you've not come across the Lardies before......all I can say is, you are missing out. Rob and Rich describe themselves as a "vibrant wargames development partnership", byt they are more than that. They embue enthusiasm, fun and pure goodblokeiness into everything they do! If ever there was a ghost of wargaming past, present and futuie it would be the Lardies!

Lardy HQ announce that the 2009 Xmas Special is imminent and this year includes a Sci Fi supplement for their innovative and fun IABSM (I Ain't Been Shot Mum) company sized WW2 rules.

For an excellent review of IABSM by Leif Eriksson click here, and to see some inspirational IASBM games in action visit my mate Kev's dedicated webpage

Due to be published on 11th December, the 2009 Xmas Special will be available from:


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  1. I have B'Maso which I have used in my African wars and not only are the rules very easy to follow but it is literally chock full of information about the African Bush Wars.