Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Latest Intel.......Topgun Marketing Grav Scout & IFV

Rob at Topgun Marketing has sent me some more photos of his Grav Recon-Scout and IFV variants. He has also included infantry figures from two popular manufacturers in the photos for your reference.

Topgun Marketing 15mm Sci Fi
Grav Recon-Scout vehicle
RAFM Infantry pack 1 for size comparison

The Recon-Scout vehicle is approximately 75mm long by 43mm wide.

Topgun Marketing 15mm Sci Fi
Grav IFV-1 (manned turret version)

IFV-1 has a small turret, with hatch, a long-barreled weapon (auto/gauss cannon, or laser) and twin missile launchers. Size is approximately 85mm x 54mm.

Topgun Marketing 15mm Sci Fi
IFV-2 (remote turret)
GZG SG15-Z1 for size comparison

IFV-2 has a remotely controlled turret, with a long-barreled weapon, and a single missile launcher. Size again is approximately 85mm x 54mm.

For further details of the range and proposed costs, refer back to my post on Thursday (click here).



  1. I like these even more than the tanks. I'd like to see a heavier turret for this model for some lighter tanks.

    These would be excellent for an old idea for "transporter/teleporter" equipped APCs I came up with as a kid.


  2. I think some sort of "hump" is needed to accomodate the infantrymen/women/things. Most APCs, there'd be room to stand hunched. Although I could see individual drop-down hatches with integral seats, that would be cool.