Monday, 2 November 2009

Brrr It's Cold in Here......

Keep an eye on the Critical Mass Games Forum where you can follow Craig and Dale as they build Kyushu Bay for a Protolene vs Arc Fleet display game for next year. For more intel click here: Kyushu Bay.

All of this 'Artic' camo makes sense now!

Nice 'rust' and general wear and tear detailing

All starting to come together now.

Must admit, all that white makes me think that they
would make very nice troopers on the Solomani Rim

After much vacillation last month I bought a platoon of AVH4 Cannon Support Combat Walkers. Very nice models. I can only describe them as 'meaty' and somewhat brutal in appearance. I'm tempted to paint Forest Green, slap big Red Stars on them and use them with my fledgling WWW2 Soviets.

So, I have 3 Combat Walkers now, do I need more? I can hear your voice of reason in my ear Master Chef! If I'm practical, then certainly not. At least, not now we have decided to concentrate on the following Sci Fi game systems:

Alien Squad Leader
for fun Sci Fi mid-week games

Tomorrows War
for down and dirty gruntfest a couple of saturdays a month

We Can Be Heroes/Mutants and Death Ray Guns
for individual skirmish and character games as the mood takes us

But, you know, I still have it in my head that I want six Combat Walkers. If just simply because they will look cool en-masse on the tabletop. So, stuff it! I'm going for an additional platoon set of 3 Scout Walkers this month - whilst the going is good!

That will seal my vision for a Combat Walker force supported by a horde of GZG aerial drones, plus a selection of wheeled MAWPs (again GZG), mini-walkers or infantry escorts to keep enemy infantry and surface drones at bay.

In fact, with a little license I could also play the Combat Walkers as a Tripod Army with Alien Squad Leader.



  1. How does Tomorrows War compare with Future Wars Commander

  2. No comparison. Tomorows War is the future variant of Ambush Alley's Force on Force system. It's platoon/reinforced platoon level and far more granular than FWC.

    FWC is fast play and good for it's canon but lacks the detail but more importantly, 'rock and rolla' which we want at this point.

    We are both fans of Ghost Recon on XBox and Tom.War is the nearest we can find to reliving the overall experience on the tabletop.


  3. I agree with you Mark. Tomorrow's War is much more granular than FWC and I think that it does an admiral job of giving the overall war experience that you would get in an FPS in a miniature game.

  4. That tank looks totally amazing...