Thursday, 26 November 2009


To celebrate my 300th post on Dropship Horizon earlier this week, I've planned a little thank you for Dropship Followers. An exclusive Christmas give away of pre-production miniatures from Critical Mass Games!

One lucky Follower will receive the following:

1 pack of Merc1 Captain Bytt & Crew

1 pack of Merc2 Hired Guns

1 pack of Merc3 Recon Drones

1 set containing one each of the
additional Mercs that will be available in 2010

1 set of assorted pre-production Praesentia!
Not otherwise available till the Spring of 2010.

To take part and have a chance of winning, all you have to do is help Heather choose a Christmas present for me!

Heather has £30 ($40) to spend on a Christmas present.
So, what 15mm Sci Fi would you suggest
she buys as a gift for me within the £30 budget?

Leave your pressie suggestions below!



To be eligible for this exclusive prize , you must have signed up to FOLLOW this blog as of 18:00hrs GMT today, Thursday 26th November.

If you are already signed up as an Anonymous Follower, please let us know who you are when you post your answer!

Manufacturers are invited to submit their own pressie suggestions within the budget but, sorry guys, you're excluded from the prize!

Take part, have fun, hope you win!



  1. "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch...."

    Sorry, couldn't help breaking into song, since he looks very similar.

    They just need to make a Dachshund with antlers, and a sleigh.....

  2. No fair! If I sign up to follow your blog the IT fascists at work will only block your site and stop me reading it at work!

    I'll play for fun anyway!


  3. Terrain, terrain, terrain. There's always time for figs, but it's the terrain that really makes the tabletop shine!

    I would recommend the excellent modular buildings offered from GZG:

    x1 general purpose hut
    x1 command module
    x2 extended barracks

    Total is £29, so you even save some! ;)

  4. With the free pressie offer from GZG it has to be them.
    Surveyor traced ATV £8
    Phalanx 6 wheel APC £8
    Bulldog HMTV logistics carrier £7
    8-wheel MICV with light weapon turret £7

    All suitable for skirmish, miners attacked by raiders, evil or good corporation scenarios.
    Or looking for previously indiscovered crashed alien spaceships on newly terraformed worlds..ahem !!!!

  5. I suggest these cool Eureka minis:
    WWII minis that can be painted up to look like motorcycle gangs of the Post apocalyptic wasteland. They give a cool retro look to your wastelands.
    Also these Eureka guys are super cool:

  6. OK, my suggestion is Old Crow Models and some light vehicles that can be used for SciFi or Weird World War II games. First, the Dragoon Half tracks are great models that can make wonderful hitech transport in a WWWII game or fit in perfectly with local militia or planetary defence forces. These are some of my favorite OC vehicles. Second, a group Goanna Scout Cars. I find that the 6 wheeled version is a little bigger and looks a lot more rugged. It fills the role of a Jeep or Hummer in my forces as well as light scout. The two turret packs are to add weapons systems onto the Gohanna Scouts. You can use a pin or magnet to make interchangeable weapons. I've done this with mine and they look great. I would love to suggest a lot of other Old Crow stuff, but this come in just shy of the limit and would add a few highly flexible vehicles to Mark's already impressive collection.


    15mm Dragoon Half Track x3 £15.00
    15mm Goanna Scout (pack of 2) x4 £8.00 (Total of 4 scouts)
    Crow C6203 6mm Small Gun Turret (Pack of 6) x1 £2.00
    Crow C6205 6mm Small Double Missile Turret (Pack of 6) x1 £2.00
    Postage & Packing: £2.70 GBP
    Total Amount: £29.70 GBP

  7. I forgot to include the links!
    Dragoon Half Track
    Goanna Scout
    6mm Turrets
    6mm Small Gun Turret (Picture)
    6mm Small Double Missile Turret (Picture)


  8. Correction

    "15mm Goanna Scout (pack of 2) x4 £8.00 (Total of 4 scouts)" Should have been x2 not x4 . . . . apparently I need to proof read better!


  9. Time to think out of the box:

    Winged goblins and giant spiders

    Croc and bird headed beastmen

    Match them up with GZG 'Egyptian' SG15-SFE1 and you have a hoard of foot to take on.


  10. If I really wanted to think outside the box, I would have said Mark needed to take the money and add it to what he is getting Heather for Christmas since it seems he has enough toys already, but I figured that might be seen as trying to bias the judge! ;)


  11. Well, I'm guessing Mark pretty much has the figure side of things nailed, and the pics of his battles show good terrain, and he knows what paints he needs (so a spray gun and the balance of the 30 quid in black undercoat won't work) so I'm going to suggest storage and stowage.

    The last thing a wargamer usually thinks about is where his figures are going to live between battles and how they're going to get to the away games. Now, down this part of the world, the local hardware chain stores sell big, heavy duty plastic tool boxes in various sizes. Some with nestled draws, some with removeable trays. The 25mm wargamers love 'em because they're robust and have lots of head room for their larger figures and the 15mm FoW guys love 'em for keeping their tanks safe.

    Anyway, that's my suggestion and I trust you both have a wonderful and safe Christmas, and best wishes to all the other followers of this great Blog.

  12. No guys - Heather should give Mark a wargames force that reminds him of her - sleek, modern and with it! So what better than a force based around GZG's new Israelis and Advanced Grav lift vehicles. She should buy from Ground Zero Games:

    2 x V15-45A - Advanced Grav Lift Infantry Assault Vehicle @£8.00 = £16.00

    1 x V15-55A - Advanced Grav Lift Tank with HEPC = £9.00

    1 x SG15-Z6 - New Israelis with Rifles Pack A = £2.50

    1 x SG15-Z7 - New Israelis with Rifles Pack B = £2.50

    TOTAL = £30.00 exactly

    However, because this force will look so good Heather will also want to go that bit further and buy:

    1 x SG15-Z8 - NI SAW gunners advancing and prone @ £2.50

    Have a happy Christmas Mark! Thanks for the blog! Quality stuff!


  13. Allow me to suggest something a bit different:

    A Pelagic Dominate Alien Imperial army for ASQL

    4 packs of TTC-1201 Karkarine Infantry $9.96

    2 packs of MYST-400 Spearbearer Bugmen $6.98

    2 packs of TTC-1204 Parasachnid Bioweapons $11.98

    1 pack TTC-1203 Cnidarian Overlords $2.99

    1 TTC-1206 "Man of War" Infantry Carrier $12.99

    2 packs TTC-1202 Karkarine Command and Heavy Weapons $3.58

    Total is $48.48 US, which at the moment is just under 30 pounds sterling.

    This gives Mark:
    *3 stands of Imperial Soldiers (27 points)
    *2 stands of Tribal Auxiliaries (6 points)
    *3 stands of Trained Creatures (12 points)
    *1 stand of Imperial Heavy Weapons (11 points)
    *1 stand of Imperial Elites with jump packs, aiming devices, and the command upgrade (19 points)
    *1 Ultra Carrier with turret-mounted heavy weapon and command upgrade (24 points)

    Totaling 99 points for an ASQL, and a breakpoint of 6.

    Behold, the mighty power of the Underwater Empire.

    Merry X-mas all!