Thursday, 12 November 2009

Life Work The Universe......and FLASH!

No not FLASH! AAAH!AAAH! Saviour of the Universe! But that annoying gribble that come with our miniatures every now and again.

I was going through my 15mm spares box earlier and came across this Battlefront Late War German, and I just had to share it with you!

Mr Flashy here probably has more metal in the 'flash' and attached ingates than in the miniature itself.

You can understand that I could never bring myself to clean and thereby lose forever this priceless piece of hobby industrial art.

Do you have any equally 'fine' examples?



  1. Kep the flash and paint it as his aura. Then he can be a German pschic pointing out the enemy wth his ESP!

  2. "I shall smite the enemies of der Fuhrer from upon das piller of WOTAN!"

  3. I've certainly had my share of minis where I could only stare and wonder what the hell happened (and how someone could pack the mini up and ship it out. I've also had some spectacularly failed castings as well. I've never minded - some of my most clever conversion work stemmed from the need to fix a miniature.

    You're right about that being accidental art Mark. I can easily envision that as an 8-foot tall sculpture in a downtown city square.

  4. Never had anything that bad before, but have gotten some that had me thinking it would be easier to just sell blocks of pewter, knife blades, and a picture of what to make.

  5. Had a friend who once worked in cating for Privateer Press who used to hate Battlefront because for a while his crew was held to their standards for production and quality control. Wish I'd have had this pic to send him then.