Monday, 9 November 2009

Latest Intel......Khurasan Miniatures New Vehicles


Jon at Khurasan Miniatures informs us:

More 15mm vehicles are now available for the Pelagic Dominate, a galactic empire of mysterious sentient aquatics bent on the extermination of all terrestrial sentient life. They are the Sea Wasp light anti-grav vehicle, and a disposable Drop Pod.

The Sea Wasp operates as a nimble, deadly fighter in space or in high altitude, and, at low altitude or NOE, can act as a ground support vehicle or a scout, guiding massive artillery barrages with its advanced fire control dish.

Closely resembling the massive Man of War heavy anti-grav craft, the Sea Wasp is a great deal smaller and looks perfect as a small fighter craft, light hover tank or even a heavy drone. Though conceived to take one (invertebrate) Cnidarian as a pilot, the model can also represent a single seat fighter craft for a vertebrate, assuming that the pilot is semi-reclining like the driver of an M1 tank.

Each Sea Wasp kit comes with three interchangable turret fittings: twin barreled Nematocyst cannons; missile turret; or the large sensor dish for remote fire control.

The second vehicle is an insertion pod for the arachnoid terrors which the Dominate spills atop the enemy to sow panic and disorder. Crammed into these pods, the mindless beasts swarm out and over the enemy's first line of defense, initially supported by a light grenade launcher mounted on the mast of the pod.

Of course the pod can also deploy your troopers in any game setting that demands aggressive planetfall!

Both are available now from Khurasan Miniatures.

Thanks for the intel Jon



  1. The Wasp is nice. I think it will suit my needs better than the Man of War since I play mostly sci-fi Skirmish.

    I love the drop pods! I will definitely need a few of those.

    I only wish the marine walker would come out soon. I'm hoping it's similar to a GW dreadnaught.

  2. Bistro, as a matter of fact the sculptor has been a bit delayed in that, but now is only one project -- 20 work hours -- away from making the L-HAC. It won't look much like a GW dred, sorry to say. For one thing it'll be much larger.

  3. The pods and spiders look amazing!
    The horror! The Horror!
    I can just envision a game where a remote outpost is having to deal with these things landing and popping open. Trying desperately to hold out until the reaction force arrives.....

  4. You can treat the drop pods like bugholes - just suddenly appearing and disgorging bugs.

    Would make a great solo game or fun multiplayer co-operative game.


  5. Are there plans to make a closed drop-pod?