Friday, 25 September 2009

Take Me To Your Leader. Redux!

I have to admit that I fancied getting some's HOF range Grey Aliens for some time. You can't help but fall for their tongue-in-cheek 1950-60's 'B' Movie charm.

Tuesday evening, I decided to take up's offer of FREE samples, click here for more detail. But, to make the flat rate postage even more worthwhile, I went for the ASL10: 100 Point Alien Squad Leader (ASQL) Grey Alien pack, together with a blister of HOF56: Human Cultists.

My reasoning was, well if I'm going for movie inspired miniatures, one of my all time favourite films is THE OMEGA MAN with Charlton Heston (1971). The Cultist miniatures remind me of the movie and so will become the denizens of my post apocalyptic urban (and/or Martian desert) terrain and at the very least pop up in my Sci Fi 1-2-1 character skirmish games.

At the end of this week, it was great to find a package from waiting for me when I got home from work this evening. 48 hour turn around - not shabby at all! Means I can be confident that if I place an order at the beginning of the week, of receiving it in time to work on the project that same weekend.

The Grey Aliens are everything I expected of them with one exception. The Saucer. It's bloody marvellous! The photos simply don't do it justice! The same could be said for the Cultists who are again, very nice miniatures - and I am bearing in mind Leutenant Brittan's clever paint job on them, over on the Farpoint Salvage blog.

Full review of both products as time permits in the coming week together with a full step by step guide to painting and basing the Grey Aliens as a self-contained project for next weekend.



  1. Creepy guys in robes, works for me too.


  2. I was hoping that saucer was going to be sweet!

  3. With the Greys see how they fit alongside this beauty from Pegasus