Monday, 21 September 2009

Critical Mass Games - Wave 2 Released


Just a quick reminder that Wave 2 of Critical Mass Games new 15mm releases are available on the website NOW!

Wave 2 includes Arc Fleet Rifle Infantry and the full range of Combat Walkers previewed on Dropship Horizon last week whihc showed pre-production photos illustrating the breakdown of parts.

The Combat Walkers are available singly and in discounted platoon sets. Something worthwhile to take on those Rebel Minis' Martian Walkers and Giant Mechas on their own terms!

Whilst designed to support the Arc Fleet forces, these beauties will fit in with many Near Future and Sci Fi ranges currently on the market.

Remember that the Combat Walkers come with a randomly supplied crew figure. See the variants below:

I had a rewarding chat with Craig on Saturday regarding painting and basing techniques. You can clearly see Craig's fine work in this picture of the Arc Fleet Rifle Infantry:

If you want to achieve these sort of painting results yourself pop over to the Critical Mass Games' Forum and follow Dales' step by step tutorial on painting the Light Recon in a 'Desert' scheme (Dales Desert Painting Guide).

It's worth keeping an eye on the Painting & Modelling thread to see how other gamers have painted their minis. I particularly like the overall effect of the painted miniatures by Alexmunkey and Tri3. Something about Phil of Firezone Studio's more classic Sci Fi hits an inner cord with me and subsequently inspired me to paint some of my Light Recon miniatures in a similar fashion as a 'Commando Strike Force'.

Combat Walkers and Arc Fleet Rifle Infantry are available from:


  1. I love the walker, I think JBR nailed it, it's well balanced and has real mass, you can almost hear the clank thud of its steps...

    Hats of to Critmass and John for a great mini.