Tuesday, 22 September 2009

'O' GROUP.......Rationalisation

I'm cooking! Not in some power charged I am all I can be kind of way - actually cooking. So text now, pics to follow as I do my Jamie Oliver in the kitchen this evening.

With Force XXI back in the race, with some very, very tempting 15mm Gunships and sexy Soviet Blok Grav armour, plus all this new stuff from Critical Mass Games, Khurasan and GZG, more to come from Rebel Minis; it's been time for a rationalisation at the Dropship Headshed. We've been shuffling minis around, retiring some, swopping others to meet our current wants.

As I really haven't bonded with the Critical Mass Drop Troops, they're a bit 'Darcey Bussell' for my tastes, I've packed them off to the Master Chef. In return he has given me his painted Earth Force Marines and a handful of GZG New Israelis. Can't have enough Earth Force Marines I say, sooooo classic Traveller!

Tell me M.C.? What the hell did you use to stick these E.F.M.s to your card bases? 15 year old Stalinist Bostik? An hour and two sliced fingers later, I have removed the Earth Force minis from the card and stuck them, plus any remaining card, Bostik and blood onto my 'standard' 40mm round bases. I can hear Master Chef right now...

"No 1 rule of wargaming!
You can't love your troops

unless you BLEED for them!"

At the moment we are both concentrating on Critical Mass' Light Recon as HALO O.D.S.T. proxies. Somewhat inspired by Phil's treatment of the Light Recon over at Firezone Studios, I've painted a 'Commando Platoon' black overall with Citadel OOP Striking Scorpion Green helmets armour and pads. Not on the plan, not gritty, but very Sci Fi.

If I ever got into 6mm Sci Fi - and it might not be far off, might be the best way for me to fight my Sci Fi Hyborian campaign, Phil can paint my minis for me (as long as I still have a job that is).....mucho hairy on that front at the moment.

Well that's it - SANS MARCHE - Sur La Table!



  1. I just picked up ODST and I'm about to slam it into the 360 for a test run!

  2. "Critical Mass Drop Troops - they're a bit 'Darcey Bussell' for my tastes." LOL! I love the "lobbing grenade while doing a piroette pose!" Shame the "trooper doing pas-de-deux while firing rifle" never made it to the moulding stage. That said their Rifle Infantry are to die for!

    Anyway Mark - have you seen the Pendraken 10mm Sci-fi Lizardmen (foot and mounted) with lazer weapons. Add to these some converted lizardmen from their identical fantasy range and a smattering of assorted GZG heavy weapons mounted on the backs of small toy dinosaurs and you've got a very nice and very different low-tech army from a unique Alien race. The Lizardmen "wizards" shown reading a book make excellent resraech or leader figures.

    Just an idea that s working well for me at the moment!


  3. Glue? Ah, some form of prit for kids fun glue. unless i used superglue as an accelerator. nah just prit fun glue.