Monday 15 August 2011

Cataloguing non-biological life in 15mm

Following up on a previous post, Dropship Horizon's technologists have been busy cataloguing non-biological life in the known universe. Researchers have identified several manufacturers of the drones, cyborgs, droids, etc. including:

As previously mentioned, there is a shortage of generic androids in the style of Star Wars or I Robot - get sculpting guys!

Edit - there is an interesting discussion over on the TMP 15mm message board on the subject of robots, bots and borgs in 15mm.


  1. You've missed The Scourge from Rebel Minis.

  2. Well spotted Mark the Scourge can be found here:

  3. Excellent list, bunch of miniature companies I didn't know existed.

  4. All the walkers below are from the GZG Dirtside II 6mm range and they all have an uncanny resemblance to the VTOM’s mecha and would be great as 15mm warbots or droids...
    AT-71 Hound Dog Infantry Walkers
    AT-71B Hound Dog Support Walker Heavy support versions of the Hound Dog
    VBP-2 TORTOISE Infantry Walkers
    K56 FAT BOY Infantry Walkers
    Pkz VII STURMKAMPFER Infantry Walkers

  5. Good point Zac perhaps we can put together a list of item that while not technically 15mm can be used by 15mm sci fi gamers with a little bit of imagination or some minor conversion.

  6. Further to Zac's post, some of Germy's 2mm range of walkers sold by GZG make excellent droids or drones, in particular:

    GMM-06 - Tripod Combat Walker
    GMM-41 - Large Mecha Units
    GMM-42 - Medium Mecha Units

    I use all of the above as autonomous drones either embedded in my infantry units or as separate support units in their own right.


  7. Yup ill do some digging and try to locate a few more useful 6mm items that could also be used in 15mm games. I really like those GMM-06 - Tripod Combat Walker's they do look very useful especially as im currently putting together a small SPUG force. how tall are they ?

  8. A good source for 15mm man sized droids or robots would be GW Epic Eldar war walkers and Wraith lords, and for something maybe a little less advanced how about ork Dreadnoughts or Imperial Sentinels and slightly bigger the old Imperial Knights. You can usually find them on auction sites quite reasonably priced at around 50p each and the Imperial Knights at around a £1.

  9. Zac, I've just measured one of mine and the GMM-06 - Tripod Combat Walkers are approximately 16mm-17mm tall. However, depending on how splayed you glue the legs to the 'head' you can adjust the height by a millimetre or two.

  10. Thanks Mark thats about the height i was hopeing they would be, ill add them to my 'wants' list as i think they will look pretty cool in my SPUG expeditionary force as scout bots.

  11. Funny enough I just found in the past week 3 lost blisters of wyrd miniatures arachnid and they are perfect for some 15mm drones... they are so nice that I will do a army around them.

  12. I'm looking for something like this: but in 15mm!

  13. Matt,

    I have been wanting somethig like those in 15mm for a long time. I think there is a big gap for non-terror bots.

    Clean, stylish androids like that would make a cool alternative robot army to the sorts we've had so far. Also, they would be great for the post-apocalyptic science fiction crowds as leftovers from the "pre-fall" civilization. I remember Gamma World had similar androids.


  14. My thoughts exactly Eli! There's also this one but it's not as nice: