Friday, 9 September 2011

The Department - final week of fundraising

This was sent to us by the people behind The Deparment - the noir-style skirmish game we previewed last month:

The Kickstarter drive is entering its final week. We’ve raised over $2000 for the game so far. A big thanks to everyone who has already pledged, but we still need more pledges to reach our funding goal.

Kickstarter uses all or nothing funding, so if we fail to make our funding goal, no money changes hands and the game will not be produced.

We’ve got a lot of great rewards such as T-shirts and posters, not to mention signed, numbered copies of the rules. Our lead illustrator, Dave Powell will even draw your face into the final game artwork.

All backers will be acknowledged in the rules. So if you like Goalsystem or investigation gaming, consider backing the project.

For more information, see their website: link.

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