Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Review - Rebel Minis Command Packs

Rebel Minis recently added command packs for three major infantry groups - Earthforce Marines, Titan Marines, and Earthforce Droptroopers. Of these, only the Droptroopers had a command pose included with the infantry packs, so these were welcome additions. I quickly ordered some of each, since I use all three lines pretty regularly. They arrived VERY quickly - I've never had any complaints about Rebel's service or shipping times.

Overall, Martin Baker did a pretty good job sculpting these minis. They are the same quality as their infantry predecessors in terms of detail, scale, proportion, and quality of casting. And they are holding the same assault weapons as the infantry - no sci-fantasy officers holding swords and pistols here. Each pack includes three poses - and here's the one of the two minor complaints I have. The command packs for three different forces each come with the exact same poses. One mini is standing and holding a tablet-style electronic device. I really like these... they can be scanners, communication/network interfaces, or even controllers for drones or remote demolitions. Then there are two team leader sculpts making hand signals - one is standing, one is kneeling.

This is the other small complaint I have. The Droptroopers infantry pack includes a kneeling trooper. The Earthforce infantry pack doesn't, but you can find a kneeling trooper in the gun team pack. But there isn't currently a pose of Titan Marines kneeling with assault weapons - in a squad, this leader will be the only trooper who isn't standing. But that's fairly nitpicky - it's a testament to these packs if these are the only faults I see!

Overall, these should be just what everyone has been waiting for to round out their fireteams and squads. There may still be room for "high command" figures, but Rebel Minis did a great job of creating leaders for these three ranges.

Chris K.

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  1. Rebel minis are great figures. A lack of poses and their rather unusually large packs of 21 (a weird number) have been my only nitpicks.