Saturday, 22 October 2011

News Flash - Antenociti's Workshop 15mm Vehicles

Antenociti's Workshop, known for their very popular 28mm Governance Of Technology range, have updated their store with their first 15mm releases.

The NRF Kabardin APC is available with both General Purpose and Anti-Tank turrets.  This is a high-tech wheeled transport that looks like it would be at home anywhere from 50 to 5000 years in humanity's future:

They have also released the NRF Skorpion Light Grav Tank.  While there are enough styling cues in the hull to use the Skorpion alongside the Kabardin APCs, I think this tank would easily be at home in a xenos army:

So let's open our wallets and welcome Antenociti's Workshop to the world of 15mm Sci Fi.  They already have so many great 28mm items to choose from... hopefully we can encourage them to release more of those goodies in 15mm!



  1. the grav tanks may make good armor for the crusty army I have just started, hope they do some of their 28mm infantry in 15mm.

  2. I really do like these vehicles. I think the wheeled APCs make good future Russian stuff. The grav seem a better fit for alien vehicles to me.

    I do hope that they translate some of their miniatures and scenery bits into 15mm.


  3. I'm not big on tanks, but its encouraging to see them get into 15mm. I love their scenery and accessories for 28mm, especially the starship furniture. It would be fantastic to see some of it in 15mm.

  4. I do like the vehicles but what I'd really like Antenociti's Workshop to release are their civilian vehicles and, as Spacejacker said, their scenery, accessories and sci fi furniture.