Thursday 10 October 2013

Ion Age - Hab Dome Early Supporter Bundles

By Eli

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Hey all!

The guys at The Ion Age keep chugging along, rolling out some fun stuff. This time around it's a cool piece of scenery in the form of a Hab Dome.

Perfect for colony dwelling or military encampments these structures have been called "something that can be placed on nearly any scifi game table." I have to agree as they look like the sort of structure used to get folks a roof over their heads quick. I could even see these being dropped in or landed into place.

To kick off their release the Ion Age is offering...

This is a great way to drop some incredible buildings on your table and scoop up a couple of great minis. 

Here is a plan sketch from the Ion Age site. that shows some cool ideas and potential for these structures - 

Check it out and enjoy!



  1. I have to say that these Hab Dome's look superb and will become a very useful addition to the Ion Age range, i think they should match up pretty well with the old Kryomek prefab buildings which will be a bonus for me, i cant wait for the release of the extension levels and roof toppers. Yet again another fabulous release keep it up guys.....

    1. Thanks Zac. Keep looking to the Ion Age blog for news on the Hab Dome expansions coming this year, all in the image. Those who get in now with the offer will be all the happier for it.

      Ah, Kryomek, fond memories as a youth playing that great game. Still in print too.