Thursday 31 October 2013

Tutorial - Painting a 15mm Hell Diver using washes and blocking colors. Part 1

By Harold

 Hi everyone, I wanted to give a quick tutorial on how I go about painting up my miniatures.  I'll be using one my of my Hell Divers, I cleaned it, attached the backpack and glued it onto a US penny.

Then I used superglue to attach RR ballast (fine ballast from woodland scenics, a good value and a nice even size) onto the penny, being careful not to get any on the miniature.  Then I prime the whole figure and paint the base with a khaki color.  This helps to seal the sand in.  Then I highlight with an ivory color.

This is the first part of my tutorial, I'll post the second soon!  Please let me know if you folks have any suggestions!

Figure base coated with a grey primer, and the base painted with a khaki color and highlighted with a lighter color, I then went over the figure to make sure it was a solid grey color.

My favorite wash, Strong Tone by Army Painter, works great.

First step was to water down the wash just a bit so it's not so heavy.

The first wash all over the figure.

The other side

Next, I want to start blocking out the armor and pouches using this desert yellow color.

Doesn't have to be perfect, since we'll be washing it again.

The other side.

I also paint the gun and visor black at this stage.

Next, I use the Army Painter Strong tone was again, this time at full strenght. 

The wash is still wet in this photo, but you can see how it already is helping to define the figure.

Here it is when it dries. Now on to highlighting.

I combine the Desert Yellow with this Skeleton Bone ivory color.

About half and half adding water as I go, I want my brush to have the paint flow smoothly, but not too much water that it isn't easily controlled. 

After the first highlighting. 

The other side.
Now, for the visor, this is my base blue color.

I add a bit of water and matte black to get a darker color.

Adding the dark blue onto the visor. (It's still a little wet in this photo).

For the next part, I'll finish the gem effect on the visor and add the decals, along with finishing up the bases!

(The Hell Divers are avalible from: )


  1. Thanks for the pictorial tutorial, Mr H, makes it a lot easier to understand the steps when I can see both the "wet" and "dry" washes. I'm never sure if I'm doing it right.

    1. Glad it helped. If I wanted it to really flow and not stain the flat areas as much I would've used acrylic thinner medium. I wanted the effect of the darker base areas (the reason I did it twice over a grey base coat) so I just went thin first, and then straight outta the bottle.

  2. Excellent Mr. H! It's really interesting to see how others paint their miniatures, and your explanation and pictures are clean and concise. Full marks from me!