Monday 16 June 2014

15mm Rulesets - The Availability of Demo Rules

By Harold

If you're anything like me you collect rulesets.  I feel we're a bit spoiled in that there not only is a wide range of rulesets aimed at 15mm scale miniatures, but that there is also a wide range of rulesets that are easily adaptable.  Either by converting inches to centimeters, or simply using as is.

There seems to be a ruleset out there for everybody.

Of course the problem with an increased selection is an increased selection!   How do you know which one is right for you or your gaming group, or your miniatures!

One of the best ways is to allow you to "try out" the ruleset first before you have to commit to buying it.

There are a couple of Demo rule sets that I've found (and please, feel free to add more in the comments!)

1.  PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna 

2.  Strike Legion Platoon Leader Infantry Primer

3. Defiance - Demo version

4. Hammer's Slammer, The Crucible

I'd like to do a spotlight on PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna.

The Hell on Echidna book starts with:

PMC 2640 is the newest product by Assault Publishing, which was released in May 2013. It is intended as a quick, yet tactically challenging sci-fi miniature wargame, which allows players to fight both small skirmishes with a few units per side as well as really big, epic battles with dozens of units on the table. I decided to play straight and release this demo version, which allows you to play a few battles and see if the game's mechanics and style suit you before you decide to purchase the rulebook. Hell on Echidna contains all the basic rules, guidelines on preparing the battle, statistics of a couple of units and a simple scenario. All these elements were chosen to present the game and introduce its style and theme.

But Hell on Echidna is not only a demo version – it's also a mini expansion for those of you who purchased the PMC 2640 rulebook earlier! The scenario and terrain generator are brand new and can be used in normal games. Additionally, this small file contains two new units, which should be counted as 'official'. And for all of you who play campaigns, there's an additional Battle honour to further customise your PMC.

I hope you will enjoy the game with its simple, elegant rules, and that Hell on Echidna will be the first step in your adventure with the PMC 2640 ruleset.
I like the fact that not only is it a demo set of rules, but it also contains free expansions to the core rulebook.  This is a great way to get a game group into a ruleset, give them the primer and then if you have the main rulebook you have new rules to use that tie in nicely.

You should really download it, and all the other demo rules and get some games in!  I look forward to hearing your suggestions and links in the comments!


  1. Two Hour Wargames has a free demo of its Chain Reaction system, which is the core of their 5150 sci-fi rules

  2. Too...many...rulesets!

    Excellent points about PMC. Great system. Infinity the Game, a great 28mm game, could convert nicely to 15mm for a 10-man battle, and has a demo available at

    1. Infinity is great, not just a demo but all the rules are free!

  3. Must agree... too many rulesets, too little free time to play :)

    I didn't know this PMC 2640 ruleset and looking at the demo, it says it supports soliataire play too... I guess it will be one more for the collection...

    1. I think they are having a nice promotion with the print version and pdf at the moment too.

  4. It's not only "supports" solitaire,. PMC 2640 have dedicated chapter about solitaire/cooperative gaming with dedicated rules, scenarios and units.