Wednesday 4 June 2014

New Developments in the Ion Age

Mad Maligs and Impending Noxious Doom
By Eli


Hey all, this month marks two cool announcements from the folks at the Ion Age.

First off is June's free figure, the Malig Tank Ace. This cool little guy looking so gallant in his cap and scarf is available for free with any order until July 1, 2014. He can also be purchased if you want to have more than one or want to order just this cool character model. For more info, read - HERE.

The other big deal, from Ion Age, is the preview of the Nox, another of the classic aliens of this range and another receiving new life in a new range of white metal miniatures. These aliens will be a welcome addition to the growing list of aliens in 15mm. To read more about them, go - HERE.

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