Sunday 8 June 2014

Who's Who in 15mm Fantasy

Cataloging 15mm Fantasy Miniatures Mnufacturers

When we introduced this new segment to Dropship Horizon, I lead off by introducing some of the companies who have been really moving on the leading edge of 15mm Fantasy. However, there are plenty of long-standing lines covering this very same subject matter. This article will attempt to catalog as many of the manufacturers out there offering products to grow your 15mm fantasy armies. I'll list them alphabetically with links after their names so you can go explore them as you read about them. I have remarked on these ranges based on my knowledge of their content. (
Offering several classic ranges of miniatures, including the HOTT and Tabletop ranges.

Copplestone Castings (
Offering a new range of dwarves, barbarians, and associated troops.

Demonworld (
Extensive range of fantasy armies including several large monsters.

East Riding (

Essex (

Eureka (
Includes several newer ranges offering some nice sculpts on some popular topics such as elves and orcs as well centaurs and monsters.

Highlander Studios (
Offering a range of very unique conquistador styled dwarfs.

Irregular (

Khurasan (
Offering some new, growing ranges of fantasy miniatures covering such things as orcs lizardmen.

Lone Gunnman Games - Armies of Arcana (

Magister Militum - Chariot Miniatures (

Old Glory 15's - Black Raven Foundry (

Peter Pig (

Rebel Minis - Mighty Armies (

Splintered Light (
One of the most varied fantasy lines out there offering several races of beastmen, classic fantasy races and some unique groups of humans.

Tin Soldier (

Vexillia - Classic Grenadier (


  1. Great list Eli. Well done on putting it together. Handy to have and a fine resource for wargamers of 15mm fantasy frame of mind.


  2. Nice listing. Great title "Fantasy Horizon".

  3. Good list.
    You're missed the excellent Demonworld figure now supplied by Ral Partha Europe -

  4. And Minifigs do the Reaper Miniatures 15mm Fantasy -

    1. Magister Militum actually owns the range.

  5. This is really useful, thanks for the links.