Friday 5 September 2014

Fantastic Horizon: Khurasan Miniatures releases 15mm Lizardman savages

For more information:

We are very pleased to release our range of 15mm Lizardman savages. These are the primitive barbarous reptilian tribesmen well known from popular fantasy gaming and literature, physically larger than humans and with crude weapons supplementing their already-fearsome jaws.

We are releasing three packs of these brutes. The first pack is Lizardmen with hand weapons in six poses, all provided with separate shields: 

To support these or mix in with the warband are six poses of Lizardmen with spears, also all provided with separate shields (although most are shown here without so as to demonstrate the poses):

   To lead the tribes to war we have command -- a chieftain, witchdoctor, standardbearer and drummer:  

Sculpted by Mike Broadbent, painted by Andy Taylor.


  1. I wonder how tall they are. I would like them to use for 200 mm/1:72 pulp...

  2. These are quite nice figures :) Could even show up in pulp space opera games as local tribals

    1. Heck, I could see using them in more hard scifi settings that same way.

  3. Are these compatible size-wise with the older lizardmen warriors that Khurasan made some years ago? I could really use that team of command for my existing tribe, I tell you!