Tuesday 16 September 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases 15mm Hell Diver Power Armor Zeta Squad

Available at: http://www.clearhorizonminiatures.com

ClearHorizon Miniatures is proud to release the highly anticipated 15mm Hell Diver Power Armor Squad - Zeta Squad!

6x Power Armored Troops
Separate Torsos, heads and arm options
3x optional torso mounted heavy weapons
6x Unique leg poses

We have an WIP Squad shown here:

The rest of the squad comes together. A small tip, if you use a tiny piece of green stuff in the joint you can position the arms in more poses.

Once painted I will snip them off the bases and attach our laser etched hex bases.

And check out the overview video here:

The Zeta Squad is $12.99 for six, and available now at ClearHorizon Miniatures!


  1. Great offerings to the commanders of space wars, Mr. H. And it is a brilliant tactic to provide the battle units with non helmeted trooper.

  2. Thanks Jay!

    The non helmeted trooper is from the Omega Squad though. An easy conversion though.