Monday 8 September 2014

Gamecraft Miniatures: New 12" Sci-Fi City Tiles

Available from:

GameCraft Miniatures has released a new set of city tiles for 15mm gaming!

Ranging from $7.00 to $12.00 these 12" tiles make it really easy to have a modular sci-fi city.

From the website: 

Modular city tiles are 12" x 12" and are suitable for 15mm modern and Sci-Fi gaming.  City Tiles are made from .125" (3mm) MDF.
This new size of city tile was suggested by Harold over at ClearHorizon Miniatures as a perfect size for the 15mm Sci-Fi game "Gruntz".   These city boards are going to work great with our 15mm Tomorrow's War pieces.

I have my order in and I'll post up pictures when I get them painted up.


  1. Please do provide an 'actual play' review. Those look like they fit all the criteria: not fiddly, not expensive, recessed curbs, the whole shooting match. At 15mm scale, you could lay out a decent sized table for around fifty bucks. Might have run out of excuses not to buy something like this.

    1. For sure... they are two part, so simply spray the bottom one with Rustoleum black primer for the road, spray the top part with grey then glue them together! I'll actually be going over each little hex with my airbrush to highlight, but if you're not crazy like me it should come together very quick! I'll post pics as soon as I get them.

  2. Yeah, this would be a real boon for people doing urban games. Very nice.