Tuesday 7 October 2014

Brigade Models releases Vehicle Crew!

Tony from Brigade Models writes:

We have six new packs of dismounted 15mm tank crew for our SF range this week, both armed and repair crews in three types of head-gear.

They had what can only be described as a 'soft launch' at Blast-tastic! on Saturday, I forgot the painted display figures so no-one knew we had them ! We still managed to sell a few packs though, so not all was lost.

Available now from the Brigade website.

SF15-007a - Armed Crew in Bone-dome (x4) - £1.50
SF15-007b - Armed Crew in Beret (x4) - £1.50
SF15-007c - Armed Crew in Soviet Tanker Helmet (x4) - £1.50
SF15-008a - Repair Crew in Bone-dome (x4) - £1.50
SF15-008b - Repair Crew in Beret (x4) - £1.50
SF15-008c - Repair Crew in Soviet Tanker Helmet (x4) - £1.50


  1. Very useful, very useful indeed.....

  2. Okay, I'm impressed, that is a great idea :)

  3. Noooo! I even bought two Shamans at Blast-Tastic! haha, I would've picked up some of these guys!!

  4. First pic: "Spaceballs! Oh sh*t, there goes the planet." Just sayin'.