Tuesday 21 October 2014

Khurasan releases Zantin Scutari for "Zantin Reconquest"

From: The Miniatures Page

Khurasan Miniatures writes:

We are very pleased to expand our 15mm Zantin Reconquest range with the release of the Zantin Scutari -- the heavily armoured infantry of the resurgent Zantin Empire. Unlike the tumultuous GOTA infantry forces, the Zantin Scutari are heavily armoured, superbly disciplined and trained, and fighting in the ranks of regiments with histories that date back thousands of years.

We are releasing three codes today…

Zantin Scutari with plasma rifles

Zantin Scutari with the fusion gun (the infantry's primary defence against grav tank attack)

Zantin Scutari Centurions and casualty

All are available now, at this link:

As with the GOTA Clans, if these are well-received we will certainly make more. Thanks for looking.


  1. I think I like GOTA better, but these are still nice. Love that "Spanish Civil War photo casualty" pose, so immediate.