Monday 27 October 2014

Khurasan previews Thrainite Noble Assault Team


Khurasan Miniatures write:

From ages past the Thrainites have relied on their nobility in heavy armour to undertake the most hazardous assaults, which serves them well in battle to this day, in an age of plasma weapons and space demons. Now, instead of great axes, the nobles carry assault weapons, missile launchers, and DPMGs, and instead of steel armour they are girded with power assist osmium armour….

Just waiting for one more figure to be painted, and at last the Thrainites can be released!

Been looking forward to this range a while!


  1. Oh god. they've released 15mm Space Marines. Guess i don't need to labour through converting those blue moon guys into Imperial Fists anymore.

  2. guess all nonmarine-lovers already praise Khurasan for those mid-tech power-armoured guys with beamers, but this is a thrilling addition non the less. cheers all :)