Saturday 17 January 2015

Khurasan's Itu'a aliens preview...

From TMP:

Some great looking new, beautifully painted, aliens previewed by Khurasan Miniatures:

You already know the Itu'a Immortals -- aka the Stikk Assault Crabs. Now meet the Itu'a Myriads, endless swarms of smaller Itu'a with long rifles, supported by heavy weaponsworms:

And the high command encased in a huge Satrap biomecha (provided with the suit and out of it too):

Group shot:

Still to be revealed -- the enormous Rukh warbeast -- large enough to carry several squads inside its gullet!


  1. These look great! No doubt I'll pick these up.

  2. Deliciously chitinous! Shoot 'em and steam 'em up with butter and garlic.

    (just kidding, I'm a vegetarian and never ate sapient species at all, in accordance with interstellar law)