Thursday 2 July 2015

Super-Size It!

Happy Burger Gets a New Bot

Back in March, The Ion Age saw the introduction of another piece of its mythos - Happy Burger - in the form the Happy Burger Bot. The Happy Burger Bot was a great human form servant bot with a lot of use built into it. The new Vending Bot follows in the footsteps of it's predecessor's non-combat character greatness.

The cool thing about miniatures like this is that they really can be used for many things besides their intended use. Such a basic shape could easily be painted in other schemes besides a corporate vending bot. In medical colors it could be a medical droid. But some industrial colors on it and perhaps it is an space port diagnostic bot. Heck, throw it into your command group and this noncombatant robot can suddenly be a portable command console.

Like the other special monthly miniatures, the Vending Bot is available free with any order from The Ion Age as well as for purchase for those who want multiples or just the Vending Bot. This miniatures will be available through the end of July, 2015. 

For full information on the Vending Bot and other Ion Age materials head over - HERE.


  1. I just got four of these to use in space opera, sci-fi and post-apocalypse. I think I'll use all your suggestions!

  2. An excellent report on this month's free miniature and many suggested uses which we did not think of ourselves!

    Its proving popular already and it will be part of the 'Year Two Collection' next month when the whole year's twelve monthly free miniatures will be offered for purchase as a set or as singles.


    1. I love these sorts of miniatures. They are very unique in the industry and show a sense of fun and setting.

  3. I think i will be getting a couple of these very useful bots next month when the 'Year Two Collection' become available.