Saturday 2 January 2016

Kicking Off The New Year With Another New Free Monthly Figure

Gavin never rests (seriously the man never does).

This month we kick off the New Year with a very appropriate monthly special miniatures - IMP29 Cold Climes PM Sergeant!

This figures is bundled up against the elements and is ready for rough duty on a chilly world on the back end of the galaxy. But don't take my word for it. Read on and hear what Gavin Syme has to say about this and other Ion Age news...

“Faercyle II is nowhere. I mean it. I had to look it up. Right out there on the edge of the known Precinct in the least wanted star system of the Camarthen cluster. The Faercyle system ain't like Camarthen itself or the beautiful Myrdan and Ambrosia systems with their beaches and lush farmlands. No, that planet is a near permanent frozen rock just inside the habitable zone of its little sun. Nothing there, nothing living. But one thing we want. Lots of titanium. A damn lot and easy to mine as well through the ice just got to scrape it off. Height of summer you can walk about with just protective clothing, spring and autumn heated Aketon armour is fine but the winter, your choice is indoor or icicle. The heated town and farmlands of Ismere are nice most of the time due to the under soil pipes. Anyway I was put out there back in '21 when the first ore converters were set up. To train a Planetary Militia you know. Not a big contingent but enough for the expected half million population. Took us a year and I was glad to the leave. Cold Climes ain't no fun for a trooper. I took the shuttle to orbit and never looked back. Still can't put ice in my drinks.

So three weeks ago I get a vid call from regional command telling me and the other instructors that we are shipping out along with elements of the 202nd and the 608th ,both good regiments, for Faercyle II. To back up the 'PM' against a new foe. I asked was it the Cannies or the Yordists or some grasping rim baron trying to muscle in on the mining. No answers though. Not until the 'Kildare' jumped in system and I saw we had three other warships with us as well as regimental transports. A big task force with a lot of space borne fire power. Made me sweat. Swapping shots on the ground fine but not up there. Nothing though next to what we were told was actually going on. First contact, real aliens. I had heard of the xeno digs on Camarthen Prime but there was nothing there; only dust. This was different. Seemed that Faercyle had been raided from space. People carried off, buildings destroyed, refined titanium stolen. Alien raiders had attacked the planet. 

I swore I would never come back here. But all it took was five years and an alien presence and it was back to the frozen funfair. Two days ago the Kildare spotted incoming ships. Several of them. Smaller than our crates but coming in a a sustained three standard gravities. Like needles straight at the planet. Wanting another shot at the ore or perhaps more. Command has named them 'Prang', no idea why. No idea what they look like and the locals ain't saying much. I am back with the Planetary Militia in my cold climes gear. In Ismere the only star port on this rock, dug in deep. We are ready this time. We will let them land and then see what happens. See what these Prang, these Raiders are all about. If nothing else it will keep the chill off. Man I hate the cold.
Sergeant William Harris, 202nd Muster Regiment, Ismere Starport, Faercyle II. 4326IC

Welcome to the New Year, welcome to 2016 and welcome to what will be the biggest year so far for The Ion Age. We begin with a new alien race this month. The Prang designed by Eli Arndt and coming to us from their SHM roots on our big sister site January sees new codes for the existing Prang and also the addition of new poses too! A whole Prang Raider force! On top of this we have our excellent Rewards Points System and a new pack in the 15mm Ion Age Characters range by Dave Foley. I suggest that you join our Mailchimp email list (link on the top right) too if you have not already since our email lets you know what is going on and features a unique offer that is really worth it. This month it is an offer you need to go on Patrol to see!

IMP29 Cold Climes Sergeant. For the whole of January 2016 this Planetary Militia 15mm scale soldier is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order regardless of order value. It can also be bought in any amount on the monthly IMP page of the website for this month only too before being withdrawn on the first of next month. Dressed in cold climes heated Alwite armour and a heavy outer coat and hat the Sergeant is armed with a Moth Type 6 Rifle and is pointing the advance. A great character for your forces. The miniature is one piece in white metal and stands approx 16mm tall.

Of course you earn reward points on all orders too through your account. We realise that some of you may wish to purchase the currently free miniature to get multiples of it without placing a lot of orders so you can do just that. Visit this page on the website for the miniature at a fair price for a special miniature. There is a growing page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before. Enjoy and go HERE

This month we are all about the Prang. We will make all of our releases for the month next week but before that we will give you an 'InfoBurst' article about the Prang Raiders and what Eli Arndt has planned for 2016. We welcome him as the next designer into The Ion Age fold. The Prang have their own culture, their own weapons and armour, their own goals. They will be an entire new army! So look forward to that and enjoy the image above. Next for them will be the releases and information! Later in January.

We look back at what was going out free this time last year and now also in our first year too. In January 2015 it was IMP17 Far Trader and in January 2014 it was IMP05 Winter Musterman. You can get them in the Year Collections of formally free on our website HERE but if you click on the links over the codes you can see the blog post from that month and year and see what else we were up to at that time. Time flies and sometimes we forget and I always enjoy the new month update and to look back at last year and much done and so much still to do!

Thanks for reading.


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